Light Mine Professional Hands Free Flashlight
Light Mine Professional Light Mine Professional

11 Neodymium (Rare Earth) Magnets used to attach and aim light hands-free.

Use posts as tripods/quad-pods creating a freestanding 360 degree aim-able light

4 Electronic Light Functions: low power spot, high output spot, red night vision, blinking red signal.

High output wide angle intensely bright
Light Emitting Diodes

Based on the hugely successful original, the Magnetic Light Mine, Striker has created a bigger, brighter, and more powerful version called the Light Mine Professional. The functionally designed protruding posts give the light an underwater naval mine appearance and can be used as tripods or quad-pods creating a 360 degree freestanding light. Eleven powerful neodymium (rare earth) magnets are located at the end of each post allowing the user to attach and aim the light accurately and securely in any direction. Powerful Lumen Tech™ LEDs are used in the front white lens (8 LEDs) and back red lens (4 LEDs). The Light Mine Professional has four electronic light functions; low power spot, high output flood, red night vision, and a high visibility signal beacon. The Light Mine Professional is about the size of a baseball.
8X Brighter, Lasts 4X longer, Huge Neodymium Magnets
Use as a Tripod or a Quad-Pod to angle the light

The Light Mine Professional easily fits into your car’s glove compartment as a roadside repair light or into your saddle bag to be used as a hazard light for your motorcycle. Keep one in the shop as a machinist light to attach to your drill press or attach a lanyard and use it as a powerful magnetic pickup tool for a dropped screw. Use one in the garage to stick to your car’s hood for engine repairs or on a creeper when sliding under a car. Keep one in your home for repairs in small tight spaces such as; under the counter, behind a stereo, or when upgrading computer equipment. Have one as your 'go-to' light, stick it to your refrigerator for emergency situations during a power outage such as finding and flipping the circuit breaker. The potential uses are endless.

Warning Signal Light Flip a Breaker Fix the Pipes
Work on Suspension Drill Press Task Light Working on the Engine

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Who uses the LIGHT MINE PRO

General Consumer – DIY, Auto Mechanic / Technician, Electrician / Installers, HVAC Repairs and Installation,
Machinists & Metal Workers, Plumbers, Temporary Lighting – Homes / RV's / Trailers, Farm Equipment, Military


Light Mine Professional Features
Light Mine Professional Battery CartridgeClick Here for More Information on Lumen Tech

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