The Capsule Headlamp 4 in 1 Flashlight
Capsule Headlamp 4 in 1 flashlightCapsuleCapsule Headlamp Flashlight 4 in 1 flashlight use images

Striker’s new Capsule Task Light is the catch-all of work lights. This new product can be transformed into four different types of everyday-use lights, when attached to one of the four multi-functional accessories. With the contoured base and adjustable head strap, The Capsule functions as a headlamp that can rotate for 180 degrees vertically. The included magnetic base enables the light to rotate, lock, and aim, hands-free, in any direction while resting on flat surfaces or magnetically attaching to ferrous surfaces. The spring steel clip allows the user to clip it to a belt, pocket, gear strap, or tactical vest to function as a right-angle work light. And the lanyard wraps around the user’s wrist and Capsule’s eyelets for a comfortable and secure handheld flashlight.

Capsule Four Functions

Capsule Four Functions

Capsule Features

To add to the versatility and ease of use of the Capsule, this task light boasts a large rotary switch, which is centrally located and easy to grip, twist, and adjust light output, even when wearing gloves! The Lumen Tech LEDs produce 60 Lumens of light, allowing this compact light to shine brightly into even the tightest of spaces!

Capsule Details

Product Images
Capsule Headlamp 4 in 1 flashlight use images

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Who uses the Capsule?

General Consumer – DIY / Emergency / Safety / Camping / Night Hiking / Recreation / Auto Mechanic / Technicians Electrician / Installers / HVAC Repairmen / Machinists / Metal Workers / Plumbers
Temporary Lighting – Homes / RV's / Trailers / Farm Equipment / Military

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