Lumen Tech
Lumen Tech

The Lumen Tech™ Difference

Not all Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are created equal. At Striker® we use Lumen Tech™ LEDs in all our products. Lumen Tech’s daylight white LEDs combine the most intense light output in combination with a wide viewing angle. This provides Striker products with a crisp bright white light that illuminates a large surface area making Striker the most versatile task lights.

Lumen Tech LEDs for Striker products have been developed to deliver the best technical performance.

Striker products have been designed, engineered and deliver to our professional customers innovation, technology and the best functionality.

The Competition… Don’t be fooled by numbers

Competitors tend to win over their customers with shear amount of low-grade LEDs in their products. More LEDs is not better when inferior LEDs are being used. Did you know that more LEDs use more power and drain batteries more quickly?

Inferior LEDs often claim big millicandella (typically listed as MCD) specification numbers, but MCDs specifications are only half the story. The true total brightness of a task light takes into account the viewing angle of the LED. Inferior LEDs produce a very focused small light “dot” on the work surface or area, even when using over 20 LEDs. This is not the type of LED that should be used in a task light, that is why Striker only uses Lumen Tech LEDs.

High quality Lumen Tech™ LEDs are a combination of light intensity and a wide viewing angle.

What is a Lumen?

A Lumen specification is the measurement of the overall light output. A Lumen rating is the average brightness and intensity in all directions. Generally Lumens are referred as the total amount of light emitted from the LED as measured in an integrating sphere.

Striker® with Lumen Tech™ LEDs rates each products overall light output, or brightness, in Lumens.

To view the product specifications for each Striker Task Light, visit here.

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